Amanda Villalobos
Amanda Villalobos

Allegro Special Reserve


Designing packaging for the launch of Allegro's Special Reserve program is still near and dear to my heart for various reasons. The first reason being the program itself: each quarter Allegro Coffee highlights a notable limited-release coffee through Special Reserve and awards the producer $10,000. The proceeds fund initiatives that help the smaller producers innovate in turn positively contributing to environmental factors, their local community and the quality of the coffee. The second being that as the designer and art director I had the privilege of hiring and collaborating with a remarkable illustrator whom I deeply admire and I believed was the perfect fit for this project. The packaging was sold at Whole Foods Markets nationwide and included in-store POS materials. Declared a success the program is currently in it's 12th year.

Art Director/Designer: Amanda Villalobos
Illustrator: Stefano Vitale