Amanda Villalobos
Amanda Villalobos



I am an art director and designer with experience in art directing integrated campaigns, designing packaging and POS and creating brands from the bottom up. My background in creative strategy, assembling teams for projects, art direction, and design for some of the world’s most valuable brands as well as for small but no less important ones inspire my high-level creativity yet sensible approach.

I’m energized by projects that offer an opportunity for impact. I consider myself a work in progress and I constantly seek opportunities that expand on my skills or projects that challenge me in new ways. Staying tuned in to our ever-changing culture and world, as well as informed of the latest digital innovations are both things I enjoy and I believe stimulate problem solving.

My determination has led me to playing a pivotal role in creating an award winning integrated campaign in an eight week time span. Desire for growth drove me to launching a freelance practice in which after a little over a year I landed my first retainer client, an international renewable energy company. Landing this client and building a relationship of mutual respect and trust was pivotal to my goals in client management and retention.

Curiosity and discovery have been central to my creativity which is why I have traveled extensively, lived in four countries and speak three languages. These experiences have taught me valuable lessons about the human condition, lessons that somehow always prove useful in a brainstorm session, on the drawing board or in a board room.

Currently I am looking for projects or a full time position with companies or agencies that value their people as much as they value innovation and hard work. A place where I can collaborate with and be challenged by brilliant minds and kind people.